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Why Choose AICE?

Our certified teachers have helped hundreds of students meet their academic goals in secondary math and science courses and they are eager to help you meet yours too! We know that our students will have an enriched learning experience and feel comfortably supported right from their very first lesson. This is why we offer Free Trial Sessions for any new prospective students interested in our services.  Here are a few reasons why parents and students choose us year after year:

  • Certified, committed and caring teachers.

  • Clear and concise teaching methods.

  • Curriculum-based lessons.

  • Consistent and targeted feedback.

  • Tips and Tricks for minimizing errors.

  • A structured approach to improvement.

  • Specialized in teaching math and science.

  • Access to exclusive Ontario teacher resources including worksheets, assignments, quizzes and, tests complete with written and video solutions!

To discover for yourself why students in Ontario choose AICE when it comes to improving grades in math and science, sign up and book your free trial today! 

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