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Our 3 Step Approach to Success

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Start Feeling Lasting Results From Day 1!

Our 3 Step Approach to Sucess was developed to improve student achievements from their first lesson straight through to their last. After their first sessions, students begin to feel more comfortable learning their subject and feel confidently supported by their mentors. This is why we offer the first 1-hour session to students absolutely FREE!

Step 3: Review and Report Progress and Provide Feedback

As the Plan of Action is being implemented, our team constantly reviews its effectiveness at addressing student needs while reporting on student performance following each session. Analytical feedback and suggested methods for improvement are integrated into our system for tracking and improving student achievement over the course of their time at AI Centre for Education.

Step 2: Design and Implement a Student-Specific Plan of Action

After the initial assessment, our team will design and implement an appropriate Plan of Action that reinforces student foundations while simultaneously preparing students for current and upcoming tests, quizzes, and assignments in their courses. This plan includes matching the student with a teacher mentor that compliments the students' personality, learning style, and academic needs.   Once a match is found, we will coordinate with the teacher, student, and parents/guardians to finalize an approach that combines effective tutoring with student accountability, ultimately leading to lifelong improvements in math and science.

Step 1: Target Areas of Weakness

Our subject-specific diagnostic assessments quickly expose areas of weakness and provide us with the information needed to immediately begin increasing student success. Newly enrolled students are provided with this assessment absolutely free of charge. This assessment is then used in conjunction with the Student Goal Portfolio to create a student-specific Plan of Action that is tailored to help students meet their goals.

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